Breaking the Ice: Fun Games and Activities for Bong Parties

If you are a cannabis enthusiast or have attended Bong Parties before, you probably know that there is no better way to get high than with your friends. Having them over for a weed night or afternoon can be joyous and fun.

But it can also get boring if all you have to do is smoke and chill. Why not liven up things and have a memorable and laughter-filled time with some fun games and activities? Have no idea of which games and activities to make your bong party engaging? Here are a few cannabis-inspired ideas to get you thinking.

How to plan a bong party?

Before we get to the fun part, keep in mind that careful planning of your bong party is paramount if it is to be successful. As you plan and prepare, here are important considerations:

  • Have your smoking pieces ready – Weed is a must-have for bong parties. But you can also ask your friends to bring their own so that there is enough. Also, plan for accessories such as water pipes for smoking, vaporizers, bowls, and the like
  • Plan for food and refreshments – You can go for snacks or order pizza. Include medicated treats such as brownies or edibles from your local dispensary. As for drinks, have lots of water, soda and some alcohol
  • Keep the guest list small – When everyone gets high, a few people would be easy to handle as compared to many
  • Keep everyone’s safety in mind – You don’t want your friends to be driving when high. Ensure that all guests ingest cannabis according to their own limit. Also, keep an eye out for those mixing weed with alcohol. It would be a great idea to have them spend the night if they are too high to drive.

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Fun games and activities to consider

The choices are unlimited for activities and games that you can engage in to keep your bong party blazing. With a little creativity, you can incorporate your favorite herb into practically any game or activity that you can think of.

  1. Contests

Nothing livens things up than competition mode activated in any party. And there’s no exemption in a bong party. It’s time for you and your friends to bring your best foot forward for some friendly contests. Some good ideas can include making a homemade bong. Think of crazy materials such as plastic bottles and pen tubes for the pipe. Another idea is the joint-rolling contest. Get to see who makes the best joint to take the Stoner of the Day title.

  1. Musical chairs

Remember the good old game where music is played, people walk or dance around the chairs and when the music stops everyone has to sit on a chair and then the one without a chair is out? This classic game can be fun for your bong party. All you need to do is incorporate weed into the game. For instance, you can decide that everyone who gets a chair gets a smoke, and the loser skips. The overall winner can get to keep the best homemade bong that you made earlier.

  1. Nug hunt

If your party falls around the Easter festivities, a nug hunt can be a nice twist to the Easter egg hunt game. Instead of hunting for plastic eggs filled with money, you and your buddies will be hunting for plastic eggs filled with weed products. You can have a variety of products such as edibles, CBD, and joints hidden in different places around your home. The rule of the game should be for everyone to keep everything that they have hunted.

  1. Movie night

Watching a movie can be a great way to chill the night with your friends. Experiment with as many possibilities as possible and get creative to make it fun. For instance, you can pick a movie that all of you like, and think of catchphrases that different characters say. The rule is to take a hit every time you hear that catchphrase. This can also work well with some music. Choose a good playlist, weed-inspired if possible, and have a puff when weed or related phrases are mentioned in the songs.

  1. Never have I ever

This classic game never fails to lighten things up. Moreover, when you and your friends are high, you can expect to hear some ridiculous and funny things from your friends. All you need to do is create some rules for how to win and what the winner gets. For instance, you can decide to say weed-related things to keep things aligned with the theme. Whoever has done most of the activities that the rest mentions gets to be the winner.


There is no limit to the activities and games that you can do for your bong party. All you need is a little creativity and thinking outside the box to find ways to incorporate weed in your game of choice in a fun way. You can never go wrong with musical chairs or a movie night. If you want to get competing, take the challenge of making a bong or hunting for weed treats. 

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