YO WhatsApp Download APK v9.93 (Official) Dec 2024 [Anti-Ban]

Nowadays people are looking for new things. So we bring you Yo WhatsApp APK Download which is an amazing modified version of the original app. And you will forget all other apps after using this app.

Yo WhatsApp Download

Yo WhatsApp has added unique and new features that you guys are always looking for. However, if you guys want to enjoy all such features like fingerprint app lock, hide blue tick, unsaved number messages, seen hide status, etc. If yes then you should download this YOWA now.

Yo WhatsApp APK 2024

YO WhatsApp is one of the best-modified mods of the official WhatsApp. Which provides us with so many additional features. This Yo WhatsApp was developed by Youssef Al Basha, who belongs to Syria. Due to its additional and unique features, countless people like it. Moreover, this version of YO WhatsApp looks almost similar to the official WhatsApp without the features.

And the way to use it is also the same so you don’t face any difficulty in using this app. Of course, you may not have used this app before. So you won’t get this app from the Play Store you have to go to a third-party website to download it. Let’s review all these apps as well. Check GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero.

Latest Version Download Yo WhatsApp on Android

App NameYO WhatsApp
Current Versionv9.93
Size56.1 MB
DeveloperYoussef Al Basha
Android Version 4.1 and Above
Last update1 Hour ago
Yo WhatsApp APK

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Yo WhatsApp Update

We have brought you the latest version of Yo WhatsApp 9.93 APK 2024 which has many additional features. Indeed some additional and stable features have been added to this WhatsApp which we can also see in MBWhatsApp. You can download this app on all kinds of devices like iOS PC and Android when you guys use this app. Then if you download this updated version, you will definitely like it.

Is YO WhatsApp Better Than The Original WhatsApp?

Of course yes, the Yo WhatsApp app is better than the original WhatsApp because the original WhatsApp has limited features which is one of the flaws of this app but in a modified version of Yo WhatsApp you get a lot of features. There will be features and functions that can enable you to see your last message again but you can’t do that in original WhatsApp.

Also in the modified version, you can see the status of your friends, relatives, and all chat list people without telling them but in official WhatsApp, you can’t. Moreover, you can save your status in Yo WhatsApp to your mobile gallery but the original app is not allowed to do that also modified version has many more features that you can enjoy.

Unique Features of YO WhatsApp APK Download

Yo WhatsApp APK 2024 includes many features that you can use on your smartphone or any device so the most popular features of YoWhatsApp are as follows.

Customizable Themes

One of the features of this app is that the user can change the look and feel of the app by downloading a custom theme. because this Yo WhatsApp APK has a collection of thousands of themes.

Privacy Options

Nowadays people look for a WhatsApp that has their privacy, also Yo WhatsApp app provides many privacy options like last seen time, hiding, blue ticks, etc.

Sending Larger Files

Many people sometimes send photos and videos to their friends and in all chat lists some videos and photos are not sent due to high MB so you don’t need to worry so now you can send images, files, and videos up to 700MB from Yo WhatsApp.

Increased Character Limit

One of the popular features of Yo WhatsApp is that it has a character limit of up to 250 characters to update your status, but the original WhatsApp limit is only up to 140 characters.

Dual/Multiple Accounts

Many users want to run multiple accounts on the same mobile but original WhatsApp doesn’t allow this Yo WhatsApp allows you to run more than two WhatsApp in one smartphone.

Anti-Ban Protection

Yo WhatsApp Anti-Ban Protection is an amazing feature that is added to prevent your account from being banned by WhatsApp, thus protecting your account from being banned.

Custom Stickers

Users can only send limited stickers to their friends in original WhatsApp, so in Yo WhatsApp you can create your own sticker and send it.

Auto-Reply Feature

Auto Reply is a great feature in Yo WhatsApp APK that automatically replies to messages when the user is unavailable or busy.

Call blocker

So with the newly updated version of Yo WhatsApp 9.0, you can create a list of people who call you as you want. In this WhatsApp, you can block one or as many people as you want.

App and Chat Lock

Nowadays people download different types of app lockers to protect all the apps etc. in their mobile which also takes up space on your mobile there is no benefit so Yo WhatsApp provides you with a built-in app locker Using this you can also lock your WhatsApp and pin lock the chats in it.

Anonymous Messaging

Using this feature of Yo WhatsApp APK 2024 you can send messages photos videos and documents that too without saving the number on your mobile but in real WhatsApp, you can’t send until the number Don’t be safe in your list.

Set home screen wallpaper

You can also set your WhatsApp home page wallpaper using this feature of WhatsApp but in official WhatsApp, you can only change the chat screen wallpaper.

Comparison b/w WhatsApp vs YO WhatsApp APK

All the features that are available in YoWhatsApp are listed below:

Yo WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Comparison

Permission Required in Yo WhatsApp APK Download

  • Internet access
  • Phone state access
  • Get Account
  • Maps Service
  • Vibrate
  • Record Audio
  • Location Access
  • Storage Access
  • Camera access
  • Microphone Access
  • Write Contacts
  • Access WIFI
Yo WhatsApp Features

How to Download & Install Yo WhatsApp APK Android

Many people face difficulties while installing and saving this app on their mobile phones. So keeping this in mind we have told you below step-by-step details on how to install this app on your Android mobile Can install and download it.

YO WhatsApp new version

First of all, you have to download the latest version of Yo WhatsApp APK from the link given below.

  1. So after you download the Yo WhatsApp file on your mobile. The second step is to install the file on the device.
  2. After that, you have to open the file and verify your number in it for which it will ask you some permission.
  3. Then you have to select your country code and enter your mobile number after this process it will send an OTP to verify your device.
  4. So finally YOWA is installed now enter your name in it and select your picture on the front display.
  5. After that click on the three dots on the right side for more settings and tap on the Yo Modes option.
  6. Here you will see a list of all the features of YOWA APK, then you can set them according to your preference and enjoy.

How to Download & Install YOWA ON iPhone/iOS

Follow these steps to download YOWhatsApp on your iPhone and iOS device:

Click on the below button to download YoWhatsApp APK.

  • After downloading Yo WhatsApp install it on your iOS device.
  • So, after that, go to Settings of your iPhone, then go to General, then Profile and Device Management.
  • Now you find the app profile and give it your privacy.
  • So finally now YoWhatsApp.

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How to Install YOWA Without Lose Your Chats

So if you want to install WhatsApp YO on your smartphone or tablet etc. but are afraid that our chats will not be lost. I will tell you guys how to install step by step on your mobile let’s follow these steps:

  1. First of all open WhatsApp on your mobile press on the 3 dots Menu icon and select the Settings option from the drop-down list.
  2. After that Navigate to Chats > Backup in Chats > and then press the Backup button below to start the backup process to Google Drive to save all your WhatsApp messages.
YoWhatsApp Backup


It also has an Airplane mode feature which enables you to use your mobile without being disturbed by messages.
Also, this Yo WhatsApp has a collection of numerous themes that you can use to change the look of your app.
The most important feature is that when you forward messages to your friends, the forward label will not be attached.
Moreover, you can send multiple files with a single click.
Also, when someone sends you a message and deletes it, the Anti-delete feature in this app will show it on your phone indefinitely.


This app is slightly slower than the original app.
This app may also have a privacy issue as it is not the original version.
In this, you cannot backup data to Google Drive.

FAQS About Yo WhatsApp

Of course yes you can use more than two accounts on the same mobile using YoWhatsApp 2024 like MB WhatsApp.

Yes of course we can put photos and videos on status in this app in original quality.

Sure Yo WhatsApp app is safe in all aspects you just need to download the setup from GBWhts.Net. And after installing it on your smartphone use it and enjoy YOWA features.

Final Words

We sincerely hope that the confusion you had about WhatsApp will be cleared after reading this detailed article. Because it proves that WhatsApp has become a great medium of communication in today’s era. If you don’t use this app in today’s age then you can’t call yourself a free person.

All this information will help you to increase and highlight the privacy features of Yo WhatsApp APK and your confidence. Also, this modified version of WhatsApp Yo provides 20+ additional features are included. As we have mentioned in detail before you. So we have detailed the complete method to download and install YOWhatsApp for your convenience.

Finally, now it is up to you to decide which one you choose according to your choice. Furthermore, you can ban Fouad WhatsApp which can cause the loss of your important data and messages, etc. So before you use it you must think that it is not on the list of legal apps. So your benefits and the decision of loss are to be made by yourself. Stay updated and connected with us!